Paul McCartney and Linda sang their first duet in a heartfelt goodbye song.

The Beatles came to an end in 1970 after finishing the writing and recording of their final album, Let It Be. After ten years in the band’s world-famous success, which saw them sell millions of records worldwide and tour the world, John Lennon and Paul McCartney went on their own. McCartney’s first solo album was released in April 1970. This came one month after Let It Be, which appeared in May 1970. It also included an ode of Man We Was Lonely.


Just before Let It Be received its final touches, the song was recorded.

McCartney later called the jaunty song his attempt to create a Johnny Cash-like track. The lyrics were filled with sadness.

McCartney stated in 2001 that “It wasn’t so easy when I quit the Beatles.” “Man We Was Lonely” was, in my opinion, a bit of an evocation of these times.

Man We Were Lonely included the following words: “Man, we were lonely, yes, we were lonely/ And it was difficult for us to smile/ Man, we felt lonely, yes, we were lonely/ But, now, we are fine.

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McCartney was sad, but the song was special because McCartney brought his wife along to finish it.

In 1970, he said that the chorus to Man We Was lonely was composed in his bed in home shortly after we had finished recording the album. We were supposed to record it that afternoon, so the middle was completed in one lunchtime.

This song is the first time we have sung harmony together. My Telecaster with a drum peg is the steel-guitar sound.

Although this was the first time the couple had ever collaborated musically, it wasn’t exactly a happy tune.

McCartney added later: “It wasn’t something I ever wanted to do. But it was made clear to me that this was the best way.

“I was aware that I needed to leave the Beatles, so I knew I’d apologise and they would be freed once I left. They would be freed if they got me out of jail.

Emotionally, he added that it was “a very difficult decision.” Man We Was Lonely is a reflection of my emotional struggles.

McCartney’s album did very well in charts despite the lawsuits.

It reached the top spot in both the US and Canadian Album Charts.

The album has been triple-platinum in the rest of the world and sold over 2.3 Million records.


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