Starlink will offer internet speeds up to 40% faster than that of Elon Musk: Fiber optics light

The billionaire expressed this sentiment on Twitter.

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Are you interested in Elon Musk’s internet? Starlink is a satellite internet service which the billionaire entrepreneur owns, and will be available in various countries soon.

The billionaire recently stated via Twitter that the service would be “40% faster than fiber optics speed and will have a shorter route.” He added, “There is no need to have ground stations everywhere.” Arctic has great bandwidth!”

The businessman also explained in another message that the “satellites” he was launching over the next months had laser links connecting satellites. Therefore, a local downlink would not be necessary.

Musk’s firm has satellites in low orbit that provide high-speed connectivity. They also have low latency. This means download times can be shorter. Starlink’s internet is designed to reach remote locations that traditional businesses cannot.

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