The Infinity Gauntlet can be used in Minecraft now

The Infinity Gauntlet can be used in Minecraft now

Sure, Minecraft lets you build anything, but that’s not quite as good as having full control over the elements of reality, space, time, mind, and power. Luckily, the would-be Thanoses among you have the option of Minecraft mods to unlock the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. How much does it cost? It takes only one download.

The Infinity Gauntlet mod, created by KNKevin lets you build Marvel’s ultimate power source with just a few precious metals, jewels, and a dash of redstone. You can use it with just a click. While you cannot snap off half your world, each of the five stones can be used individually.

For example, Reality can turn hostile mobs nearby into passive ones or transform projectiles into bats. The ability to freeze time and mind-control mobs is possible. You also have the power of building portals that allow you to quickly teleport from one location to another. You can also access a huge beam which will cause anything that touches it to explode, if you want more simple powers.

You can grab the Infinity Gauntlet mod over on Planet Minecraft. To use the Infinity Gauntlet mod, you’ll need version 1.17.

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