This ex-Gloucestershire pub is still haunted by its guests after almost 1,000 years.

In 2017, Caroline Humphries, daughter of the Ancient Ram Inn’s owner, spoke to The Express. She recalled the times she grew up and said: “There is definitely some sort of presence here.”

Although Dad didn’t believe that ghosts existed when he first moved in, he would never leave home without his Bible.

Over the years, the reputation of the haunted 12th century building has resulted in it becoming a must-see attraction for those interested in ghosts, spirits and the supernatural.

Brave guests will find a Bible in each room. This is to help keep restless souls at ease. Nearly every space has religious objects with images and crucifixes of Mary. reports that ghouls roam several rooms, including Rosie (a murder girl), a dead Innkeeper, and even a male Sex Demon.

An ex-innkeeper’s child from 1500’s thought to have committed suicide in her attic. A baby’s scream can be heard in “Men’s Kitchen.”

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