TUI, Ryanair, Ryanair & British Airways: Jet2, TUI and easyJet Are there any new rules for face-masking on planes?

Most airlines require that you wear a face mask when traveling. Each airline has its own rules regarding the types of masks and coverings that are accepted as well as when they should be changed.

These are the most recent face mask rules for Jet2, TUI and easyJet as well as Ryanair, British Airways, British Airways, and Ryanair.

How do you fly with Jet2 without a face mask?

Jet2 passengers aged six and older must use a mask to protect their faces. All travellers, regardless of their vaccination status, must comply with these rules.

You must wear a face mask on all flights and in airports.

Jet2 is aware that certain accommodation providers might require their guests to use face masks.

Jet2’s website says: “You cannot board any Jet2 flight if you don’t have a mask on.”

You must remove your mask only when you are asked to identify you at the gate. Remember to put your mask back on after you are done.

Jet2 must be contacted by passengers who do not need to wear a mask on their flights.

Jet2 explained: “We will ask you to provide specific medical evidence in order to verify this. We don’t accept lanyards or exemption cards downloaded from the internet as proof of exemption.”

A flight may refuse to allow passengers who don’t have a mask on their face.

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How do you fly with easyJet without a face mask?

EasyJet demanded that all passengers above the age of 6 wear a mask.

It should be worn at all times around airports.

EasyJet requires passengers to use specific masks for their faces. Some scarves or coverings are not acceptable as adequate masks.

EasyJet states that scarves, masks with valves and face visors are not allowed.

Your mask must be FFP2 (or an equivalent) certified and made of surgical- or cloth material.

You may not be allowed to travel if it isn’t suitable.

When flying, face masks should cover the mouth and nose.

If you are not allowed to wear a mask, please contact easyJet via the form “mask exemption”.

According to the airline, “We are aware that some individuals may not be allowed to use a mask on their faces. Please let us know if this is so we can make arrangements for you before you fly.”

Some destinations like Austria, France and Germany require a certificate or medical letter to be exempted from flying to these countries. These rules may be subject to change so make sure you check out the most recent updates before traveling.

British Airways: What is the best way to wear a face mask when you fly?

British Airways insists that passengers wear masks whenever possible, at both the airport as well as onboard flights.

Customers are advised by the airline to ensure they have enough masks for changing “everyfour hours”.

British Airways’ website states: “You will need to take off your mask in order to pass any passport screenings. However, you will be advised by our staff when and how to do this.”

You can remove your mask while you are onboard, but only for a short time.

Your face mask should be worn even if you aren’t consuming any food or drinks.

Please be aware that certain countries or airports require you to wear masks. Make sure you verify the guidelines for your country and destination airport before you leave so that you are ready when you arrive.

Exempt passengers should have “supporting documentation”

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