12 cool indie PC games you can’t miss in September

While it sometimes seems every triple-A game has been delayed into next year, indie games are still delivering big in 2021. Sure, we still have the likes of New World and Halo Infinite to look forward to, but some of the most exciting upcoming PC games we’ve seen are coming from smaller developers this year.

This month’s selection of games is again varied. There are city-building games featuring beavers and epic RPGs that feature rats. Skateboard games featuring birds also make an appearance. You can also find photography puzzles and ninja stealth game. There are story games about making it in a harsh cyberpunk world, coming of age in an apocalyptic desert, and delivering mail in a small American town.

No matter what your taste, there is plenty to look forward to as the summer heat gives way for cooler temperatures and the cool (though still unseasonably hot) autumn months. For the next month, take a look at the coolest things you have to look forward too.

These are the key points that make each game worth your attention. However, we recommend you click on their Steam pages to wishlist them.


Lake: September 1,

While games have helped us return to quieter times for many years, a story-driven sim that delivers mail in small-town America from 1980s still stands out. Lake places you in Meredith Weiss’ shoes, a career woman from big cities who returns to her small hometown to deliver mail for a few weeks. It doesn’t matter if the Postal Service allows substitute delivery persons – Lake is about building relationships with eccentric residents of the small town. You will engage in hilariously awkward small talk and get to know your neighbors. You can check out Lake here, and there’s a robust demo available to give you a taste of the game.

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Timberborn, September 15,

It is exciting to watch the innovative directions that indie developers are taking the city-builder genre. Timberborn features many of the same concepts as colony management games such as Rimworld or Going Medieval but it is all about beavers. Your family of beavers will build a technologically advanced colony years after humanity’s fall. You must also keep in mind your relationships with nearby rivers. You’ll need to prepare for the floods and dry seasons of the river as they change. You can find Timberborn when it hits Steam Early Access here.


Skatebird September 16

Skatebird was a long-awaited release, but now it is time for Tony Hawk to take the role of a small hawk on skateboard. Skateboards are small and you take the control of a tiny bird that can kick-flip through a variety of parks. As you skate, you can grab cosmetics and a custom soundtrack to add some ska to your ride. You can check out Skatebird here.

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Eastward – September 16

Eastward presents a colorful look at a future-oriented collapse of society. You’ll be taking the old man John along with Sam, a young woman, on an adventure across America filled with monsters, puzzles and dungeons. To solve the challenges of the game, you’ll switch between them, as well as meet a variety of interesting characters along the story-driven journey. You can also take a break from the cooking to make some delicious meals with the ingredients that have been gathered. You can check out Eastward here.


Gamedec – September 16

You are a cyberpunk detective in the future Gamedec. Your job is to investigate virtual worlds. This is an RPG that you can play in isometric mode. You’ll need to use your brain rather than fighting to uncover all the mysteries and schemes. Gamedec, which is non-combat-oriented, lets you focus on the interactions between other characters in Warsaw’s highly digitalized 21st century world. Gamedec is coming to Steam.

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Aragami 2 September 17

Ninja stealth games aren’t in fashion since Tenchu’s heyday, but Lince Works has the solution. Aragami 2 is a sequel to the original, offering three more players a co-op mode. Open-ended levels can still be taken on however you wish, using your ninja abilities to defeat enemies. Although you can engage in a fight, it is risky and requires you to use your weapon and armor upgrades. You can check out Aragami 2 here.


Severed Steel September 17

Severed Steel FPS is a game with dazzling speed and style. It takes place in an ethereal cyberpunk universe, and skips all of the tech-driven dystopia talk. Instead you can slide down the ground taking out bad guys one by one. You can also use a Max Payne-style timer to help you navigate through tricky situations. The key is to stay cool and fast. This is not about survival, but about getting to the top of the leaderboard. You can find Severed Steel here.

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Sept 17 – Tails of iron

Tails of Iron, clearly aiming to be on the best rat games lists, is about the everlasting war between rats and mice. Redgi is the son of the rats’ King and you have the job of repelling the army of warty green invaders that seek to destroy your home. Tails of Iron features the adorablely drawn rats and Doug Cockle’s vocal stylings. Doug is perhaps best known as Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher-series voice. Jordan took Tails of Iron out for a spin, and reported that the combination of Hollow Knights and Dark Souls is pleasant. This was apparently designed to be enjoyable to rats lovers like Jordan. You can find Tails of Iron here.


TOEM – September 17,

What more can you want? Quirky characters and chill puzzles. TOEM is an adventure in its traditional sense. You’ll be spending your time talking with people and solving puzzles. Instead of having a large inventory full of rubber chickens, creative photography is what you do to solve the challenges in TOEM. All that combined with striking black-and white art will make this a truly special game. You can check out TOEM here.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits September 21

The indie-game Kena: Bridge of Spirits is wildly different from what you might expect. It’s a 3D adventure-adventure video game that has all the joy of a Pixar movie. As Kena, you’ll be accompanied by the Rot (a group of cute spirit animals). Together they will explore a natural setting and solve puzzles using their abilities. There will be a lot of Zelda-inspired gameplay here. However, the emphasis is on quick combat. You can check out Kena: Bridge of Spirits here.


Sable, September 23

As you go through a Sable rite of passage, explore a desert dotted with the lyrics of an ancient civilisation. The game’s minimalist, beautiful art style is a big draw in the trailers. It also features a Japanese Breakfast soundtrack. The exploration mechanics are reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda, which allows you to move across the land and climb almost anything. You can check out Sable here, and there’s a free demo to let you get an early taste of the game.

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Sound Mind, September 28, 2008

In Sound Mind, a survival horror video game that takes place in an evil building with walls who have their own lives, is just in time for Halloween. In Sound Mind was created by Half-Life 2’s Nightmare House team. It will challenge your ability to remember facts in a series memory sequences. Each one has its own rules and a boss battle. You won’t face the same horrors as those who have killed so many people before you. Tonia, a cat, will accompany you, whether you like it or not. That’s comforting. Is it true? You can try out the demo for In Sound Mind over on Steam.

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