Brian May sings Queen’s “To Remind Me How Glorious Freddie Mercury Was”

Brian May sings Queen's "To Remind Me How Glorious Freddie Mercury Was"

This past Sunday marked what would have been Freddie Mercury‘s 75th birthday, had he not died 30 years ago. Brian May paid tribute by posting an Instagram video from his garden. Queen’s guitarist, Brian May said that he wanted to say “Hi Folks” a few lines.

Brian said, “It is Freddie’s Birthday as we all know. And here I am, sipping a good cup of tea and wishing that I could have a cuppa with Freddie. Although it’s unlikely, I feel that Freddie is always around me and here.

He then posted the song that he plays to recall Queen’s singer, at 74 years old.

He stated: “I put on the Queen’s version of Made In Heaven to help me remember how magnificent he was.”

This track originally appeared on Freddie’s solo 1985 album Mr. Bad Guy. However, Queen reworked it for their final album Made In Heaven four years later.

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Brian said, “And it all opens to me. This is a labor of love, but it’s based on the wonderful concept that Freddie shared with many.

So Happy Birthday Freddie! I wish you all a big cup of tea. Maybe a large glass of bubbly!

The Queen guitarist gave an update during the video on Friday’s launch of his music video.

The rock icon’s second Bri-day follows his first one last month, when he released the remastered version of his solo album Back to the Light.

Brian teased that he will do a Q&A with prize winners in front of an audience, which will also be broadcast by Bri-TV.

The 74-year old will then premiere the entire Back to the Light Time Traveller video music video at 2:05pm BST.

The interaction will be then followed later on Bri-TV by additional interactions.

Brian May’s Back to the Light can be purchased now.

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