Isklander is a immersive, stay-at-home theatre. Experience

Isklander is a immersive, stay-at-home theatre.

Ivy Isklander, where are you? My neighbour is asking this question. The elderly neighbor is concerned and we are on video chat. It’s her concern that young Ivy is getting into trouble. Ivy may have been involved in something terrible. Can I help look into it? Yes, sure. But what do I need to do for her? Knock on her door? I am a little surprised when she says that she would like me to hack into Ivy’s email account.

What would you accomplish that? (Forget about the “would you?”) For a second, how would you do that (forget the ‘would you?’) What would be your first place to look for clues? Yes! You can find it anywhere else. Social media.

I decide to go on Facebook and search for Ivy Isklander. To my delight, I find her there. It feels strangely weird, so I go to her profile. I sent her an email asking for advice, but she didn’t reply. However, I did find the information I was looking for. It contained a photograph and a caption. It’s my password, and I instantly get in.

I am in Ivy Isklanders’ email inbox. Her nosey, legal dubious neighbour has it right. Ivy Isklander may be involved in some bad behavior and is likely in serious trouble. This email hack-in? This is just the beginning.

This is a brief introduction to Isklander, including how it works and its characteristics.

My game uses real life, real internet and even your smartphone as its playground. The game is called Isklander. It’s actually a three-part series called Isklander. My episode is Plymouth Point: Isklander. This immersive theatre experience is for people living in pandemics. Swamp Motel created immersive entertainment because we aren’t able to squeeze into theatres as quickly or as easily. The experience was reimagined online.

Plymouth Point: Isklander is an expensive, 90-minute detective game you can video call to with your friends. You can watch it on recorded video and audio or use the internet to do some sleuthing. You have a live host available to you at all times.

It is clever. Swamp Motel cleverly took things that we know now like video conference and turned them into an idea for a game. The team also created special social media profiles, websites, emails addresses, and other tools to help spread the mystery of the game across the web. It feels more real when you are not contained within a virtual world. All the components can be combined, such as the recordings and videos. This creates powerful effects. I was truly disturbed by the ending.

Plymouth Point: Isklander can’t manage these events in real life. While we had some great moments together while cracking passwords and reacting to dramatic incidents, it was mostly like two people pursuing the same clues in a silent manner, instead of one exciting and collaborative endeavor. Trawling the web is not a social activity, particularly if you are at home using your own computers.

Although the result was interesting and well-constructed, it left us feeling a little flat. The only person among the group who wanted to play episodes 2 and 3 was me, so I doubt I can do it on my own. Some people, eh! Do you need to find a teammate? Head over to the Isklander website if you want to know more.

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