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How can you help others live healthier lives? Saul Hernandez is a Guadalajara (Jalisco) native who came up the idea of creating a ready-to-drink beverage or “ready-to drink” and Drink Plus was born.

Hernandez explains that Drink Plus is a Mexican company that creates healthy functional drinks. It primarily focuses on reducing health issues in Mexican consumers. Hernandez spoke to Entrepreneur en Espanol.

The entrepreneur, along with his team, conducted a market survey and discovered five conditions that affect Mexicans. These were chronic fatigue, fatigue from high stress levels, fatigue due to excessive levels of stress, immune system deficiencies, and high levels dehydration.

According to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) , 75% of Mexicans suffer from fatigue due to work stress, surpassing countries such as China and the United States.

The research also revealed that Mexicans face a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right products for their health. Hernandez explains that they are both very costly and require prescriptions for some.

Drink Plus began to search for natural extracts which could be combined with the goal of creating a product that helps the customer’s health, without making him feel like he is getting a prescription.

You are drinking something you love and it also has a function that improves your health. This is why functional drinks are so popular in the market.

What’s a functional beverage?

Functional drinks can be made from plant products, and have some ingredients that help our bodies achieve specific functions. You can make them completely naturally, such as teas that contain antioxidants.

Drink Plus was founded in 2015, with 500 000 pesos capital. Today, it has three thousand outlets nationwide and is expected to sell 11 million Mexican pesos by 2021.

Five drinks are made by this company, each with a different topic. Each one is identified in English.

  • Calm is a program that focuses on stress reduction.
  • Hydrate is a method to replenish the body’s water.
  • Defence: This helps to improve your immune system.
  • Energy is the key to power.
  • Concentration: The one that helps us focus and concentrate.

“If it’s not true, you won’t be able to overcome the obstacles”

Saul Hernandez says that creating a business plan and an Excel spreadsheet with very nice projections isn’t enough. Later, “you run into realities and that’s where obstacles come.”

Entrepreneur says that if you’re clear on what you want to do and believe that you can accomplish it, you will be able to face any problem.

However, you must choose your team well

Hernandez says, “Obviously, you need to have a group, but at end of the day it can be small that needs to be quite a strong link, where everybody does everything and [having] different caps on the same days, which is always a challenge,”

How are you different?

Image courtesy of Shark Tank Mexico.

Shark Tank Mexico airs Fridays at 9:15 p.m. On Canal Sony, the entrepreneur arrives asking for 2,000,000 pesos to buy 10% of his business. He did not receive any offers from the sharks.

They are correct in this, which is part of their challenge. We are in ready-to-drink beverages and there are three major players in this category: Nestle, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. They represent around 80% of Mexican market. One of their arguments was that they saw it as a highly competitive category with big industry players. Hernandez explains that is not a flavorful drink. Rather, it’s a functional beverage that offers all of these health benefits.

More than an ordinary product

It can be hard to market. It can be difficult to convince a customer why you are the best choice. Hernandez offers three suggestions to help you do this.

  • Search for the difference

You can identify the characteristics of your product that are unique to it or give you a competitive edge over other products on the market. This could be in terms price, formulation, distribution, and so forth.

A product may be useful to different people but you have a unique selling point that can make it more appealing. Our product is suitable for diabetics. However, we are trying to market it to a younger audience. We know this because our strategy is young, even though we have figured out that women and men over 40 will buy our products.

  • Distribution matters

The choice of your distribution strategy is a key factor in determining what you do. Some focus only on ecommerce while others are more focused on traditional channels. Others are interested in producing for export.

These three tips will help you to distinguish yourself. The key to success is to be clear on who and how you want them to reach you. The most challenging thing in marketing is making yourself available to customers. He concludes that you can tell the customer that your products are more than just flavored beverages.

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