Stafford could be the difference between success and failure for Rams

Sean McVay, the head coach of Los Angeles Rams has won four consecutive winning seasons but his offense is struggling in the last two. Rams have traded quarterback Matthew Stafford for this season; Bears at Rams Sunday night/Monday at 11.15am Sky Sports NFL and Main Event

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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford discussed moving on from Detroit, learning the Sean McVay offense, and his new teammates

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford discussed moving on from Detroit, learning the Sean McVay offense, and his new teammates
Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams’ quarterback, discussed his decision to leave Detroit and learn the Sean McVay offense with new colleagues

Although the Los Angeles Rams have the most impressive defense in all of NFL, they lack offensive firepower in recent years. Matthew Stafford, the new quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, will make a difference in their quest to return to the Super Bowl.

Sean McVay was the NFL’s talk when he arrived in Los Angeles as head coach in 2017. His Rams won the league with their brightest offensive minds at just 31 years old.

McVay took over a team of 4-12 players, but Los Angeles went on to win the NFC West at 11-5. Atlanta lost the Wild Card round. Their offense was explosive and fast, scoring the most points throughout the league.

They really rose in 2018 They finished second in points and yards. They were second in points and yards with a 13-3 record in their regular season.

Their 13-3 Super Bowl defeat to New England in which their offense was completely flat raised serious concerns about Jared Goff’s ability to fulfill McVay’s requirements. Goff completed 19 out of 38 passes for 229 yards that day. Goff threw one pass, but was intercepted four times and received a 57.9 passer rating.

Jared Goff, who has run the Rams’ offense the past four seasons, lost his effectiveness after the Super Bowl.

Los Angeles allowed Goff to recover his form and realize his potential. They had two more seasons with them, but they were still successful as a team (Goff was 9-7 in 2019, and then 9-6 in last season, before being 1-1 in postseason).

The offensive output decreased in both of those seasons. They fell to 11th place in scoring points for 2019, and to 22nd last year.

Goff may not have had as many yards, but his efficiency has decreased. He went from 60 touchdowns, 19 interceptions, and a 100.8 quarterback rating to go from years one and two, where he was 60 touchdowns, and 29 picks. In years three and four, he is now 42 TDs with 29 picks, and an 88.1 rating.

The Rams decided to take action after it wasn’t working out. Goff was sent to Detroit Lions along with two first-rounders from 2022 and 2023, as well as a third-round NFL Draft selection in 2021. The McVay offense enters a new phase on Sunday when the Rams face the Chicago Bears live on Sky Sports.

Stafford, the Savior

Sean McVay, Rams Head Coach talks with Matthew Stafford during training camp

Stafford was looking for a new challenge after 12 years in Detroit and only three playoff appearances, all losses. Stafford, who is the NFL’s fastest player to pass 20,000, 35,000, and 4000 career yards, wanted a new opportunity with a team capable of competing.

The 2009 No. 1 pick in the overall draft is 33 years old. However, he has never had enough with his strong team. But the Rams are willing to take the hit and McVay receives an upgrade at the most crucial position in football.

NBC’s Peter King interviewed Stafford about McVay over the summer. He said that McVay had earned a lot respect because he was able “to be able command a room and command a team or an organization at a young age.

He has clearly had tremendous success with his offense. He has also been a great defense for many years.

“I was thrilled to have the chance to work alongside a man that is as intelligent as him, charismatic and understands leadership when [the trade] went through. This is a great opportunity for a quarterback.

Much has been made of McVay’s scheme – perhaps more so at the height of its success – and it can be supremely fun to watch: They have players shifting pre-snap, receivers flying across the formation on jet sweeps, and screens seemingly designed for multiple players at one time.

A variety of ‘packaged plays are also offered. Players can decide what type of play they want to follow the snap, depending on the information from defense.

Stafford was speaking at training camp and called the offense very complex, but said that it made sense.

It’s not all that hard.

“I do everything possible to ensure that I dive into the water and get as comfortable as possible as soon as possible.

It fits me as far as possible, but it could probably work for most quarterbacks. It is a great offense, and I am excited to continue working hard to bring it to fruition.

Matthew Stafford often ran or played on the turf in Detroit.

Stafford’s potential success with the Rams is a goal that the Rams have set for themselves, but it’s clear that Stafford is thrilled to join the Rams.

Since he was drafted, the Lions have only had two top-10 points-scoring seasons. Once , they had a top-10 defense. Detroit has only had a top-10 defense once over the past 23 years.

Here, things are very different. They have all the offensive tools. Their defense allowed only the smallest number of points and yards in all leagues last year.

Stafford said to King, “I throw passes to Cooper Kupp. He’s protected by Jalen Ramsey. Aaron Donald is rushing the passer.

Andrew Whitworth is blocking.

It’s great to work with these guys. I just want to do my bit so we can all be successful.

What can we expect of the Rams?

Aaron Donald is a great player and led the Rams’ defense to No. 1 in the NFL.

The Rams are usually in the top five when you search betting websites for Super Bowl winners odds. The strength of the NFC West will determine how you see their chances.

With Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson as their leaders, the Seattle Seahawks will continue to compete. The San Francisco 49ers have just one year left before reaching the Super Bowl. And the Arizona Cardinals were contenders for the second half of the last season. These are not easy wins.

The Rams may be, however, the best team.

In his latest edition of Football Morning in America, King predicted the Rams will find their offensive form and ultimately beat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl LVI in February.

This is easy to visualize.

Chicago is looking to find the same spark as Justin Fields, but it’s not too late

Justin Fields was impressive during his preseason appearances

Stafford and his team will be taking on the Bears, who are former NFC North foes. Coach Matt Nagy was successful in Chicago, just like McVay.

In his debut year, he had a top three defense and a top-10 scoring offense. He went on to record a 12-4 record his first season.

McVay has seen McVay’s offense fail twice in his last two seasons, but this time to a greater extent. With a combination Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Foles as quarterback, they finished 29th and 22nd in terms of points scored for 2019.

Trubisky was fired, Foles was moved to the bottom on the depth chart and Foles was replaced by Andy Dalton, a veteran and the 11th overall selection Justin Fields.

Based on his outstanding performances at Ohio State, Fields ticks all the boxes for a franchise quarterback: passer, leader, competitor, running threat, you name it.

Nagy, perhaps fearful of Week One’s scary matchup, is putting off his young quarterback in favor of Dalton. Dalton did well last year with some help (Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper, among others) but Nagy has not yet embraced him.

It will be Sunday or in the weeks, perhaps, but Fields’ shot is coming soon, so Bears fans need to get excited. In fact, McVay said he is preparing for both Dalton and Fields on Sunday in case that time comes sooner rather than later.

You can watch the Chicago Bears take on Los Angeles Rams Sunday night/Monday morning on Sky Sports NFL or Main Event at 1.15am.

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