Pavel Durov explained that the brain can solve problems even while we’re asleep, according to multiple studies.

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What percentage of your time are you spending on TikTok or Netflix? Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, said that it was unfortunate that many people choose to consume Netflix videos or random TikTok instead of real-life events which can make a difference in the world.

In a post , where Durov begins by talking about how the mind is our most powerful tool, he explains that according to numerous studies, the brain generates solutions to problems, even when we are resting.

The developer’s hypothesis is that Netflix and TikTok will make it impossible to solve real-life problems. Our minds will instead be focused on solving problems not yet present.

The brain can only be fed real-life information that solves fundamental problems. It will then process the data in the background to offer surprising solutions. Unfortunately, most people don’t like to watch TikTok or Netflix videos. At a deep level, our brain cannot distinguish fiction from reality, so the abundance of digital entertainment keeps our subconscious mind busy producing solutions to problems that do not exist, “he says in the publication.

As simple as quitting

Durov says that if you want to create and sell products, then we need to get rid of the “sticky sludge” of non-relevant content.

Photo: Captured via Durov’s Channel on Telegram.

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