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After ‘increasing complains’, e-scooters are banned Local residents

After 'increasing complains', e-scooters are banned
Local residents

Bristol’s Conservative Group stated that they have received concern about the safety of e-scooters in Bristol. The e-scooters created “new hazards” and “a nuisance” to the neighbourhoods, according to them.

Conservative Councillor Lesley Alexander suggested that there is a lack of enforcement surrounding e-scooters in a motion she tabled before this week’s City Council meeting.

This motion asks that e-scooter trials not be extended beyond their expected end next month.

Also, the motion asks that councillors have an opportunity to cast their votes on making these tools permanent.

The Council stated that it was aware of growing complaints about road safety and pedestrian safety. There is an apparent lack in enforcement and policing, and silent scooters being used on streets to cause new hazards, nuisance, and clutter. Motors can be discarded at will.

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Voi, an e-scooter company that provides scooters in Bristol said only a small number of riders do not comply with safety regulations.

Voi admitted that thousands of riders were previously banned from riding e-scooters elsewhere.

In Liverpool, over 1,000 riders were banned from riding an e-scooter for seven days.

A Birmingham councillor called last month for the banning of e-scooters due to safety concerns.

Chaman Lal, Labour Councillor, stated that he supported official trials but didn’t want e-scooters being sold in shops because they are a nuisance to society.

He stated, “It raises the question of why they are being sold if they cannot be used?”

It’s illegal for them to be ridden on roads. They are legal only on private property. Yet, we see them all the time on our streets.

It’s the responsibility of the police to act, but they can’t always take the initiative to resolve the problem. This is an additional burden on top of all the other tasks officers have to deal with.

According to current regulations, private escooters can’t be used on pavements or roads.

While e-scooters can be rented on roads or cycle lanes, they are still prohibited from being used on pavements.

Renter e-scooters riders must adhere to strict guidelines, such as a speed limit of 15 MPH

The trials have been extended to March 2022, when the government will decide whether the scheme’s future is secure.

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