“It makes it think”: An ex-host of Fifth Gear shares his concerns E10 Fuel has a higher risk of causing damage

"It makes it think": An ex-host of Fifth Gear shares his concerns
E10 Fuel has a higher risk of causing damage

Smith stated that the petrol had “prompted him to think about” the potential dangers of keeping E10 in the tank while the vehicle isn’t being used. Smith is concerned that the new fuel could cause him to have his fuel lines replaced “every other year” and make it a habit of checking for any damage.

The RAC warned classic car owners that they should “leave E10 sat in tank for long periods”

The new fuel can cause damage to seals, metals, and plastics during storage. This could result in costly repairs.

Greg Carter, an AA technical specialist, warned last month that E10 in the fuel tank could pose a risk.

He told “But it’s more to do with leaving the fuel in the engine for a long period of time.

It should be left in its tank and all other fuel incinerated.

If you’re looking for an incompatible vehicle, it might have rubbers in its fuel system.

You don’t want it to be left there if it was supposed to run on E5 but you have accidentally filled it with E10.

Hagerty, a classic car expert said that drivers shouldn’t leave their vehicle in storage once they have filled up with E10 gasoline.

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