Nintendo Direct September 2021 Update: Information about the stream date of next Direct


Nintendo Direct September 2021 Update: Information about the stream date of next Direct

It is widely believed that Nintendo will host a Direct stream for September 2021. It had been thought a Nintendo Direct for September 2021 could air this week, but so far we haven’t heard a peep from the House of Mario about whether another stream will be taking place in the next few days or not. As Switch players wait to hear from the House of Mario, a leaker gave an update on when Nintendo Direct September 2021 might be.

Samus Hunter has previously correctly reported unannounced Nintendo news and said that the next Nintendo Direct might be next week.

In a thread on Twitter the leaker said a Nintendo Direct could happen this week, but they expect it to happen after the launch of the new WarioWare game this Friday.

Tweeted by @SamusHunter2: “DIRECT AIRING.

“Way back, in July, I stated “around WarioWare Launch”. It’s still possible to launch on the 8th/9th, however, I expect it to be the week following, due both to other presentations as well as the game review period.

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Leaked information also discussed what the leaker expected to see from the next Nintendo Direct.

They were also confident about the announcement of a brand new Xenoblade title, which was rumoured by some to be Xenoblade Chronicles.

Samus Hunter tweets: “XENOBLADE.

It’s time to reveal it! The game’s existence and status has been reported to me since June/July 2021. The recording is complete. What characters are returning physically? And which ones will return in another form? Don’t lose consciousness”.

According to the leaker, the Direct will reveal additional information about the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Character. The last Fighters Pass 2 Brawler is expected to be launched by the end this year.

Samus Hunter stated that we might get an update about Splatoon 3 or Project Triangle Strategy. The September Direct may also unveil a brand new Kirby game.

The rumored Donkey Kong new game may not make it to the September 2021 Direct, but could be announced in the early part of next year.

A new Resident Evil title for Switch is one announcement that’s a little more in flux.

There have been rumors for some time about a new installment in this iconic survival horror series heading to Switch.

This game is believed to be Resident Evil Outrage. It will essentially be Resident Evil Revalations 3 in its entirety.

Samus Hunter posted the following tweet about Resident Evil Outrage and whether it will be featured in the next Direct: “CAPCOM STUFFF.

“I have nothing to say about the RE game. It was supposed to be announced this month. However, I’m not sure if COVID delayed it’s announcement because they’re promoting Village DLC.

“But, expect more information on these two MH-games in October or November.”

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