After teacher tells daughter to learn to share, livid mom gets into a stationery dispute

A mum bought supplies for her 6-year-old daughter, who went to school for the very first time. However, she didn’t expect the items would be given to the other students in class. The mom contacted the school after her daughter became upset about having to hand over some notebooks.

The teacher’s response to the mother, who stated that her daughter should learn to share, was not acceptable.

She asked for help on handling the situation and she replied on Reddit, “My youngest is 6 years old. This is my first time sending a child to school due to Covid.

I got the supply list and glanced at a note regarding not labelling it. The explanation didn’t make sense to me and she didn’t want to lose any of the items we purchased so I did it anyway.

I also gave my child a small amount of supplies to help her learn, but not all the items we purchased. She got a handful of pencils and not the entire box span>

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After her first day, she says that her email was sent asking her to not label her school supplies as the children often share them. She was also instructed to return all supplies, so that the teacher can ration them as necessary.

Her mum said that her daughter was unhappy because she and her mother spent so much time shopping for colour-coordinated notebooks/folders.

“I wrote the teacher and stated that I would not mind purchasing extra supplies for a child who doesn’t already have them, but that I wanted the things I purchased for my daughter back. She was thrilled to get them .”

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Teacher responded that it was crucial for children to be taught about sharing using school supplies. The teacher continued to tell her daughter that she believed it was especially important because she sees issues with sharing “.

She said that her mum was irritated by her daughter’s inordinate possession of things. However, she is only six years old and this is her first year at school. “

User were divided over school demands. One wrote, “You set your child up to believe the rules don’t apply to him if they don’t come with more explanation.”

This sharing of supplies was a common practice at the four schools our four children attended, and all of our students now have easy access to them. “

One other wrote, “My advice to you is just to let it go.” You can send the items they request. This is not an important thing.

One person said, “In these times and Covid, I wouldn’t want to see my child sharing things.”

One person complained that they had never heard of it so assumed this was an American custom of separating items like this. This is a shame because the people who asked for this information didn’t explain the situation and were able to even ask them for the “rest of the supplies”.

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