Alan Wake is back in the spotlight Oct. 5, 2009: Remastered

It’s a proud moment to announce that a beloved literary figure has returned.Alan WakeThe suit is brand new and 60fps, 4K suits, which are perfect for the next generation.Alan WakeThe following is available as a PDF.

Alan Wake first appeared as an Xbox exclusive publication by Microsoft in 2010. Since then, there has been an outpouring of support and love from fans. You many of you accompanied us on our 11-year journey through Bright Falls. We walked the darkest parts of the landscapes to find the truth behind Alan Wake’s story. Remedy, we thank you.

Alan Wake Remastered

We’re excited to bring our exciting game back for the next generation. S. Smart Delivery allows you to buy the game only once and have it updated across all generations.

This is the place for you, no matter if you have been with us for more than a decade or if you are new to this story. We are the fans. The fans.

Alan Wake previously…

Alice, the wife of Alan Wake, the best-selling author has mysteriously disappeared after the couple set foot in Bright Falls’ rented cabin. The couple thought it would be a peaceful getaway, but instead the nightmare that Alan Wake claimed to have created has turned into something sinister. Wake is driven to madness by the way that the townspeople behave as if they are being controlled by a shadowy presence. Wake is equipped with light and must find the truth to the darkness the town hides. He will also have to endure the horrors of the night to save his beloved wife.

Alan Wake Remastered

Let’s finally dive beneath the darkened waters and shine some light onto the remaster. Bright Falls is back!

You can reach new heights

Alan Wake Remastered is a remastered version of the classic psychological thriller. It also includes story extensions The Signal and The Writer. You will enjoy improved cinematic cuts, facial animations, and lip sync. There are also enhanced character models, with new hair and shaders. All your favourite characters look great – Alice, Barry and Rose. You can expect richer details in the environment, better lighting effects, and other upgrades that make small Washington towns more attractive and chilling.

Epic Games Publishing and we are delighted to share Alan Wake remastered with an even wider audience.

Alan Wake Remastered

As if all the improvements weren’t enough, Alan Wake Remastered features a brand new audio commentary track from Sam Lake. Sam Lake is both the lead writer for Alan Wake and Remedy’s Creative Director. It’s as simple as selecting the Option menu option to turn on this feature. You won’t regret it!

With this much-awaited, eagerly awaited remaster we have tried to enhance the Alan Wake experience, but not alter the essence of what made the original experience so special. Bright Falls is still a town that many people love, with all of its charming characters and stunning views. This generation has the technology and we have made Alan Wake as enjoyable as possible.

Our thrilling tales hope that you will enjoy them again or once more. Remember to always remain in the light.

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