Amazon will spend $1.2B on college tuition to expand its reach and pay for it.Skills training for operation workers

Amazon is increasing its investment in the education and training of its front-line operations workers, announcing Thursday that it will spend $1.2 billion by 2025 to cover full college tuition costs and more for workers.

Employees who are employed by the tech company for more than three months can now apply for education funding at hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation as part of its Career Choice program. This is a new initiative from the tech giant. It will begin in January. Amazon stated that more than 750,000 people who are employed in fulfillment centers or other operational roles, as well as 400,000 employees who have joined Amazon since the COVID-19 pandemic began, will be eligible.

Education benefits will include high school diplomas and GEDs as well as proficiency certificates in English as a second language (ESL).

Amazon will pay tuition fees and expenses for employees in advance, rather than reimburse them after they have completed coursework. Access continues as long as the employee is with Amazon, without any limit on the amount of time the worker can enjoy the benefits.

Amazon announced three additional upskilling programs in addition to its education investments. The program will offer employees the chance to study data center technology and maintenance, user experience, research design, and IT.

That effort is part of Amazon’s $700 million

According to the company, there has been a significant increase in demand for software engineering programs, military spouse technical skills, cloud computing and machine learning, and for robotics and other related subjects.

Amazon’s investment in educating its employees comes as the company releases the findings of an Amazon-Gallup study on upskilling which shows how access to skills training can lead to greater career choice and increased pay.

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