BlackBerry has returned! This is the new BlackBerry smartphone! Its rivals need to be concerned


BlackBerry has returned! This is the new BlackBerry smartphone!
Its rivals need to be concerned

BlackBerry enjoyed a dominance in the early 2000s that was so strong, but it has been beaten by many other companies. BlackBerry once held a staggering 50 percent market share in the US and 20% of global smartphone sales.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM), a popular smartphone for younger generations, was a huge success. It also allowed users to easily send email on-the-go making it an essential device for businesses.

The launch of the iPhone by Apple changed everything. The world was obsessed within a matter of years with touchscreen smartphones. Apple’s iPhone outsold the BlackBerry quickly and put these devices on the backfoot.

Although the firm tried its best to compete with other companies like Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia in an effort to attract customers back, sales have never recovered to their glory days.

BlackBerry seems ready for another attempt at smartphone sales, but this time it will launch them via Onward Mobility.

The little-known mobile security firm claims it is now BlackBerry’s home and promises to launch new 5G-ready smartphones by the end.

“We really see a need for a 5G BlackBerry, Android smartphone with a physical keyboard and being a flagship device,” said Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility in an interview with

Although details remain under wraps, the team at Letsgodigital have just released images of a device they say could be coming next from BlackBerry.

The EvolveX2 5G is a phone with an all-screen display and a case that curves around its sides.

The trademark checkered pattern is also visible on the rear panel. There appears to be a four-rear camera system that could contain a wide-angle or telephoto lens.

Letsgodigital speculates that the EvolveX2 will include a headphone socket, an under-display fingerprint scanner, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor.

This is a rumour at the moment. While the renderings are impressive, it is unclear whether BlackBerry will release an all-screen smartphone that ditches its famous keyboard.

BlackBerry’s boss, now in his second year as CEO, has stated that the company wants to retain its keyboard. We’ll just have to wait to see where it goes.

We might only have to wait a few more years if Onward Mobility keeps its promise of launching in 2021.

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