But do you really want to become an entrepreneur? What is the best way to learn? You must master 5 skills

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Entrepreneurship was once a difficult task that required emotional courage and the determination to make it happen. However, the crisis brought out the entrepreneurial spirit of many and made them a priority. We must also consider the digital world in which entrepreneurs live. It is not enough to have a product or service that appeals to the masses, nor do you need to know the exact market. Entrepreneurial success requires more than just knowing the details. You will need to be able to manage digital teams and processes as well as the ability to lead projects, create new products, and communicate with them.

Entrepreneurs have tried to adjust and invent to survive this digitally-driven world. This crisis has presented unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs to address new demands. This is where it becomes crucial to reflect upon your skills and what you can do to improve them in order for you to launch your own business. This is a part that many people don’t take seriously. However, it is vital to learn and improve the skills you have to start your business.

1. A basic quality of resilience

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Resilience is a key characteristic entrepreneurs should possess. It is essential that entrepreneurs have the ability to adapt and face any challenge. This is especially important in difficult times when uncertainty can be our only certainty. Resilience helps entrepreneurs to take the risks that come and to overcome crises. It is a common mistake to give up on the first failure or mistake. This is part of learning. To put it another way, you should celebrate your mistakes and foster a culture that encourages collaboration among your team members to increase innovation.

2. Intrapreneurship above all

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Although it is obvious, another basic skill for entrepreneurs is Intrapreneurship , which means having initiative, being proactive, assuming responsibilities, analyzing risks, identifying new growth opportunities and making decisions, are some of the qualities that are manifested by having this ability. These are typically the first indicators that an individual has entrepreneurial DNA, regardless of whether they work in an organisation. If in your previous or current jobs, you are the first to suggest, you have a high sense of urgency, you have plenty of ideas , you commit to new projects, you like to take risks, then it is time to leave that chair and start your business.

3. Entrepreneurship being digital

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The ability to create digital culture is a key skill. It is essential for entrepreneurs because it helps them understand how technology and man must work together. This is without doubt the foundation of all business growth. People who are able to use technology, like the Internet and mobile apps, will be more open to innovation and change in our current environment. According to ASEM, currently, Mexico has 85% of all startups. 36% of them were started in less than one year.

4. Transformational Leadership

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It is important to have a leadership style. They will remember the more authoritarian and traditional bosses they had, so don’t copy them. This style of leadership is not good for entrepreneurship. If you think that it would work as a leader, you will be disappointed. Leaders today must be agile and open to new technology, creative, innovative, analytical, collaborative, and more focused on the achievement of team objectives than individual goals. A transformational leader is a person who embraces change and invents constantly. Traditional leaders can cause entrepreneurs to fail. They close down businesses, don’t get commitment from their teams, and they are less likely to discover new paths or overcome obstacles.

5. Always empathetic

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An entrepreneur should be compassionate. Not only must they understand their clients’ needs, but they also need to lead the work of its team. If an entrepreneur is not able to listen, it will be difficult to convey the business’ vision and inspire others to accomplish the goals. The World Economic Forum states that empathy is a powerful antidote for stress. It allows employees to connect better with each other, and create trusting relationships.

Entrepreneurs face many challenges. They have to be able to accomplish what they want with limited resources. However, with the right skills and attitude, these will enable them to conquer the financial hurdles of their ventures. If they add people to their team who are motivated by their leadership style and take their work seriously, they can rest assured that they will succeed.

It is possible to ask yourself, “If these skills aren’t so strong in me then how can I do this?” It is possible. All you have to do is develop habits and change your mindset.

These are the skills you should be focusing on, and then work hard to improve them. This is your chance to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

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