Dak Prescott’s arm strength: What is the deal? QB’s strength in the arm Questions during Cowboys Vs. Buccaneers

Are Dak and his family really coming back?

Dak Prescott, Cowboys’ quarterback made his comeback to the field on Thursday night. He began his 2021 NFL season against the Buccaneers at Tampa. Although his stats were good in the first half (23 of 32 passing for 224 yards and two touchdowns), some viewers noticed something wasn’t right with his throws.

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Many looked out of place, particularly early on in the game. CeeDee Lamb made a few poor throws, including one that resulted in an error and another which caused a drop. There were also deep misfires that left viewers anxious.

On several occasions, he also seemed to be lacking velocity.

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Prescott’s touchdown pass of 22 yards to Lamb in quarter one required that the Dallas wideout slow down to capture the ball.

Prescott may have a valid reason. He is currently dealing with an injury to his right lat that kept him out of training camp. Prescott will have MRIs every other week to check if his lat and throwing shoulder are still in good shape as the season goes on.

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The NBC broadcast noted Prescott’s new pregame warmup that focuses on flexibility and loosening his arm. This is similar to the routine an MLB pitcher might use.

Prescott’s performance in the first half kept the Cowboys within striking distance; they were trailing 21-16 at intermission. But analysts, viewers and fans said that Prescott had something wrong with his arm.

Prescott made an interceptions midway through third quarter. He was making an intermediate throw across the middle, which was too wide for Lamb. Lamb ended up tipping it. It was a touchdown for the Bucs, which led to a 28-19 advantage.

What is the cause? What about recovery after injury? We don’t know.

This turn of events is not good news for Cowboys.

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