Dog theft terror: puppy is “stolen from knifepoint” by his owner during walk

Patsy was a black Labradoodle 12-week old, being walked along Leigh Canal by her owner in Wigan around 5pm Monday. Two men riding bikes approached them and stole the puppy at knifepoint.

According to a Facebook group, Patsy’s family has been “heartbroken” by the search for her.

According to the post, the dog will become “confused” and “terrified”.

To make Labradoodles “too hot for handle”, they are asking people to join the group.

According to the post, “Patsy was STOLEN at KNIFEPOINT while being walked on Leigh Canal 6th September 2021.”

“Her family is heartbroken.

Patsy, who is just 12 weeks old, will soon be scared and confused.

Please share this message to keep the baby from getting too hot.

Patsy has been microchipped. People are being asked to report sightings of Patsy to the police and the dog warden at the local council.

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The plans are expected to help police fight criminals and to make it easier to follow such instances and to make thieves less likely to steal pets and to sell them.

Chris Sherwood, chief executive of the RSPCA said that he hoped this would encourage courts to give pet thieves harsher sentences.

Diane James from Blue Cross said: “We hope that changes in sentencing laws will be made quickly, but we would still recommend owners to remain vigilant and to follow the advice to avoid becoming victims of this horrible crime.” reached out to Greater Manchester Police

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