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ElectraMeccanica designs three-wheeled Solos for commercial use. Cargo EV

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ElectraMeccanica designs three-wheeled Solos for commercial use.
Cargo EV

VANCOUVER — ElectraMeccanica (EM), unveiled a three-wheeled version of the Solo electric vehicle (EV), aimed at commercial customers last week at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo (Long Beach, Calif.).

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EM stated that Solo Cargo was developed with input from potential fleet and commercial customers. The Solo Cargo is slightly stretched and replaced the Solo hatchback’s standard cargo space with 8 cubic feet.

EM stated that the Solo Cargo was a great choice in congested urban areas because it has a smaller footprint (approximately 53 inches (134cm) high and 123 inches (312cm) length) than a traditional cargo vehicle. The automakers also noted that the Solo Cargo is cheaper to register, operate and insure, as it’s classified as a motorcycle by most U.S. states.

Solo’s consumer model is being sold as both a runabout and commuter car.

Paul Rivera, EM president, stated that “likewise, there is a wealth light fleet, commercial, and other applications in which single occupants dominate.”

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Solo Cargo EV can be used to deliver food to customers, including pizza and fast food delivery. It also delivers small packages and postal mail to companies that deal with tech support and security.

There are additional third-party options, such as heating and cooling elements to deliver food and strobe lighting. These can also be customized lighting solutions for cities and other security purposes. EM also mentioned that locks can be added to shelves or bins.

Solo Cargo EV’s range is 100 miles (163 km), and it can reach speeds of 80 mph (128 km/h), so you can use it on highways.

EM will produce the Solo in China and also build an assembly facility in Mesa (Arizona). Its primary market is the United States, but plans are to expand into Europe, Asia, and Canada.

EM has not yet released the suggested retail price of Solo Cargo, but it noted that prices may vary depending upon what options are available to commercial customers. Current price is US$18,000.

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It was also not clear whether the company had received any advance orders or what proportion of Solo sales Cargo would make up.

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