France will turn back migrants who cross the Channel

France will turn back migrants who cross the Channel

France will turn back migrants who cross the Channel

Yesterday saw migrants continue to reach the Kent coast in boats, and Home Secretary Priti Paltel faced her French counterpart about falling detection rates of French-origin vessels. Priti Patel stated that “stopping cross-borders was an absolute priority for British people” and added that “status Quo” wasn’t working for France or the UK. Boris Johnson declared the crisis to be a “perennial issue”, with Britain heavily dependent upon French actions.

In an effort to stop more people being killed at crossings, Border Force commanders were instructed to attempt to intercept boats on the sea to steer them to France.

According to the Daily Express, Border Force chiefs told ministers that they can only use new strategies when Channel waters are calm. They fear the maneuvers in turbulent seas would be dangerous.

Officials feel that the efforts to turn boats around, which are expected to begin later in the month, will be legal and safe because they conform to international maritime regulations.

The Commanders of Vessels will have the power to decide whether or not it’s safe to steer and intercept boats in French waters.

Ms Patel worked on the plans for over two years. The Express is aware of this.

According to the Home Office, 785 people crossed Channel by small boats Monday while nearly 400 did so on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Ms Patel told Gerald Darmanin in France that the status quo wasn’t working for the UK and France. Citizens of both countries expect more to prevent the flow of migrants through France and Channel to the UK.

Source: A source said that the Home Secretary had made it clear that stopping cross-border crossings and delivering effective results were top priorities for British citizens.

“She raised the decreasing French interception rates resulting in increased migrant crossings and pressed for stronger deployment of technology and law enforcement measures targeted at gangs.” Conservative MP Craig Mackinlay yesterday called on the Government to return anyone making the crossing to French beaches as “we have to stop this route from working”.

Mackinlay stated that Britain was currently asking France for help in preventing the French from patrolling their coasts and throwing money at Paris to resolve the crisis.

He stated that: “Another idea is to push dinghies back towards the French shore.”

“I don’t personally support that. It is easy to see that people who fear being turned back simply sink their boats and will need to be recovered.

They are also considering the possibility of processing centers in third countries. The final option is for those who want to cross the ocean to be transported back to France immediately.

We must stop this route working. This route is not working .”

Ms Patel threatened to withhold PS50million payments to France, unless Paris stops more people trying to cross the border.

Yesterday, Mr Johnson stated that he shared the outrage and frustration at the cruel behavior of the gangsters. They are the criminal masterminds taking money from the desperate.

This is a persistent problem and the Home Secretary will deal with it the best way he can. That is, to ensure that the French don’t let them leave France.

We rely heavily on the French doing what they do.

“But clearly, as time goes on and this problem continues, we are going to have to make sure that we use every possible tactic at our disposal to stop what I think is a vile trade, and a manipulation of people’s hopes.”

The detailed response from the French interior ministry Tuesday cautioned the UK against any international legal action.

The British government warned that there could be consequences if they refused to pay the cash agreed to in July for small boat crossings.

Yesterday, a French MP claimed that “nothing” will stop migrants from making the crossing. It is easier for illegal migrants in the UK to get work than it is for them. Pierre-Henri Dumont (Calais representative in France’s National Assembly) also stated that many people crossing the border already know English.

Dumont stated: “The truth is that we have 300-400 kilometres shore to watch every day. It’s impossible for police officers to be at every 100 meters because of how long the shore is.”

It is much easier to work legally in the UK than in France, where there are random ID checks.

Dumont said that although the primary reason for increased Channel crossings in recent years is warmer temperatures, there are many reasons why these crossings are occurring.

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