GTA 5 PS5 Release Date: Coming Soon! Next-gen Grand Theft Auto will be available soon

GTA 5 was highlighted during the PlayStation Showcase.

A host of amazing games were featured at the action-packed PlayStation Showcase.

The PS5 version Grand Theft Auto 5 has also been released with a March 2022 release.

New and better visuals will be available for the open-world action game, as was shown during stream.

The trailer suggests that fans can expect enhanced gameplay, especially in driving.

The PS5’s fast SSD will make switching between characters faster than ever.

Grand Theft Auto Online, however, was shown during the stream. However, no further details were provided.

PlayStation Showcase LIVE: Knights of the Old Republic Silent Hill Project Eve and Silent Hill Project Eve

Below, you can view the live streaming of PlayStation Showcase…

As a PlayStation 5 title, Forspoken was revealed.

It will be released in spring 2022, according to the incredible action game. The GTA 5 Remaster for PS5 was also shown to fans. It will be available next March.

During the PlayStation Showcase, Knights of the Old Republic Remake was announced.

Although the classic role-playing game is confirmed for PS5, other platforms could also be announced.

Following Project Eve’s action-game, the event featured Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Next March, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will become available.

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