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ISS panic: Russia’s preparations for LEAVING space station sparks fire alarms

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ISS panic: Russia's preparations for LEAVING space station sparks fire alarms

According to Russian reports, Russia’s Zvezda Module raised alarm following the detection of smoke and burned plastic. Crew members have activated the station’s system to remove harmful impurities, though the source of the problem remains unknown. According to Cosmonauts, they told Mission Control Centre in Moscow that an alarm had been set and that a “harmful substance was found.”

ESA astronaut Toma Pesce also reported to have smelled burning plastic at the US section of the station. This indicates that the ventilation system worked.

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Russia’s Peter Dubrov is also a resident at the ISS, as are Americans Mark Vande Hai and Shane Kimbrow, Megan MacArthur and Japanese Akihiko Hashide, and Frenchman Tom Peske.

These emergency measures were put in place just as Russia was about to launch a second spacewalk to install a new module.

Nauka was the name of the module and it was successfully docked on August 21, 2021.

Russian cosmonauts, Mr Novitskiy (Russia) and Mr Dubrov (Russian), must perform as many spacewalks as possible to install the module on the ISS.

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On September 3, the first spacewalk took place. The cosmonauts were able to spend almost eight hours outside of the ISS installing a grabbing spot and a power link.

The astronauts will be installing handrails in the outer area of their space laboratory for the second spacewalk. This will make it more comfortable to walk around, and also establish an Ethernet connection using data cables.

There will still be many tasks to complete before the Russian Nauka Module can be fully functional.

NASA stated: “Novitskiy is extravehicular crewmember 1 (EV1) and will be wearing the Russian Orlan spacesuit, with the red stripes.

Dubrov will be wearing the spacesuit with blue stripes for extravehicular crew member 2, (EV2).

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These will be the 2nd and 3rd spacewalks by both cosmonauts; the 242nd & 243rd Spacewalks to support space station assembly and maintenance upgrades; as well as the 10th & 11th spacewalks at station 2021.

NASA had originally planned to live stream the event on NASA TV. However, the Spacewalk will likely be rescheduled due to the recent emergency.

Start time for the walk is at 4pm

NASA TV and NASA’s website will allow you to view the live broadcast.

Russian officials have warned that the ISS faces “irreparable failures” due to its outdated hardware and equipment.

Vladimir Solovyov, state media spokesperson said that at least 80 percent had expired on in-flight equipment for the Russian section of the ISS.

He said that small cracks could be found and can worsen with time.

Russia raised many concerns about hardware, and suggested that it might leave the ISS in 2025.

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