La Boheme – Carlisle Memorial Church, Belfast

La Boheme at Belfast Opera with Northern Ireland Opera. Preview

It is an honor to travel to Belfast to see the Northern Ireland Opera production of Puccini’s ‘La Boheme. Cameron Menzies, an Australian director joined Northern Ireland Opera in February during the pandemic. This is his first performance in front of live audience members.

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La Boheme, one of the greatest operas and most beloved masterpieces is also a great show for those who have never seen live opera.

Two couples are featured in the story: first, Rodolfo, a poet played by Noah Steward and secondly Mimi, a sickly seamstress played by Gemma Summerfield. Parallel to their relationship is the one of Marcello (Yuriy Yurchuk) and Musetta (Emma Morwood), the artist Marcello.

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Cameron states that the themes of youth hope, the pursuit for connection, love, and the human need to have relationships are what the audience needs right now, both in terms of relevancy and power.

This bold interpretation of the story will be presented in Belfast’s iconic Carlisle Memorial Church over four nights. This beautiful, decayed church, which is a historic landmark in Belfast, provides the ideal backdrop for the story about a group Bohemians who are desperately searching for love and life.

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Northern Ireland Opera, a young and vibrant company that was founded in 2010, has won international and national acclaims for its quality work. We are looking forward to their performance of La Boheme, with sixteen productions under its belt. It is a Gothic Revival structure built in 1875 that was once home to the Belfast Methodist Congregation. This building, which has been in decline for over 20 years, provides a great backdrop. The sets are being constructed for the new Northern Ireland Opera production.

picture credit @lostlenscap

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