Leicester Streets locked down: Officers rush to the scene after a’stabbing.’ There are also cordons.

To assist officers in investigating crimes, a number of roads were closed.

A statement from Leicestershire police stated that officers were present at the incident on Melbourne Street in Leicester.

Road closures are still in effect in the region while officers conduct enquiries on the spot.

“We’ll continue to update the site as often and whenever we can.”

Members of the public retweeted this message six times. Members of the public retweeted this message six times.

Victoria Hicks from BBC East Midlands Today tweeted a picture from the scene.

The it showed the streets being taped by police in various places.

Leicester Media, local media outlet tweeted that “Several streets have been cordoned off within the Spinney Hills region of Leicester.” The police have put cordons down around Melbourne Street and Keythorpe Street.

Due to an ongoing serious event that occurred in the early hours.

A one-minute 11 second clip was included with the tweet.

The police tape was placed on the streets, while a few uniformed officers stood guard.

All officers in this video wear masks to protect themselves against the pandemic coronavirus.

Leicestershire Police tweeted the first mention of the incident on Thursday at 0.22am.

The police said that the road was closed due to an incident at Melbourne Street in Spinney Hills.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay tuned for more information.

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