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“Not strong enough”: Petrol driver unaware of the’misleading’ new E10 fuel changes

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"Not strong enough": Petrol driver unaware of the'misleading'
new E10 fuel changes

Hagerty’s classic car experts have cautioned that awareness of the dangers associated with using new petrol is low among drivers. James Mills (Hagerty UK Editor) criticized the handling of new petrol changes. He said that warning information wasn’t robust enough and might be misleading.

Hagerty also investigated the GOV.UK website that offers vehicle advice.

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The site indicated that nearly all Audi models and Vauxhalls were compatible with this new fuel, regardless of age.

However, this statement is incorrect as the European Automobile Manufacturers Association warns that older models may be damaged or affected.

This survey is based on a survey by the RAC that found four out of every four drivers still don’t know much about new fuel.

The information is subject to correct manufacturing information.

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For information about a particular vehicle, or model of vehicle, they have encouraged drivers to get in touch with the manufacturer.

DfT also asked that any inaccurate information be reported to ensure the best possible service.

The introduction of E10 fuel is predicted to reduce the CO2 emissions by approximately 750,000 tonnes annually.

According to the RAC, this is equivalent to taking 350,000 vehicles off the roads in one day.

Publiated at Thu, 9 Sep 2021 at 09:33:15 +0000

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