Piers Morgan declares Winston Churchill a liar: “Should all of us be fired!” Charity over the ‘woken’ rebrand

Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, 56, has taken to Twitter to declare that those behind the decision to rebrand The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust “should be fired immediately”. The Churchill Fellowship has been renamed and some photos of former Prime Minister have been removed.

The Churchill Fellowship released a statement online stating that many of the views held by the late leader on race were “widely considered unacceptable today”, a point that they share.

The charity is now facing backlash on social media for making what many call a “woke” decision.

Piers wrote an article on the matter and called the charity’s decision “ridiculous”.

In view of his 7.9million Twitter followers, he wrote: “Utterly shamefully absurd.”

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They should be all fired as soon as possible.

Piers posted their views in the comments.

One individual wrote “What is the state of our once great nation in?” (sic).

One more: “Genuine Question. It isn’t being changed to Churchill Fellowship. Is that true? He is still his name, but it is a much shorter one.”

Piers was also criticized by a third party, who commented: “They made a statement about this. It is as ridiculous as saying the Macmillan charity was bad for not using Douglas Macmillan in its entirety. You can find something that offends you almost everywhere these days. Perhaps you and the “woke” aren’t that different.

Others supported Piers’ position, with a fourth supporter commenting: “Disgusting.” It is history. Learn from it. Do not erase it.”(sic)

The fifth respondent said: “I’m proud of Sir Winston Churchill. He was the right man for the job when the great nation needed strong leadership in World War II. His life before World War II was difficult. We must judge him according to what he experienced at the time.

Another Twitter user fumed, “The woke society score yet another pointless point.”

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Churchill approved the creation of this charity towards the end. It awards grants to Britons for social and community causes.

The site has undergone changes, including a biography and tribute to Churchill. “Our Story” now briefly mentions Churchill’s role, but also addresses “controversy over aspects” of Churchill’s life.

The charity responded to criticisms by posting a statement online stating that the decision to change the name of Churchill was not made to “disown” him but rather because it was confusing and didn’t explain their mission.

It stated: “Today, there is international admiration of Sir Winston’s wartime leadership in saving Britain from Nazism.”

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