PUBG Mobile Update 1.6: Tencent Release Date News, New Season Patch Countdown

Gamers have been busy over the past few weeks and are now ready for the next challenges that will be launching with PUBG Mobile update 1.6.

Tencent teased the expansion this week and confirmed that there will be a major invasion when it goes live.

Although the patch notes are not yet available, we do have some idea of what’s in store for this update.

A number of messages were sent by the PUBG mobile team confirming that new content will be available. They also informed fans online.

“Version1.6 is heading straight for players and the epic Cell-Matrix!”

Command informs us that an extremely dangerous meteorite has been speeding towards Erangel. You are now ready for the Yarilo invasion.

The Cell Matrix has been unleashed and the Yarilo have invaded Erangel. Things are going to get even more thrilling! Are you up to the challenge of Version 1.6 survival? Soon, you’ll discover!

The plan could have gone exactly as planned. Except for one detail. DynaHex didn’t know that the Yarilo had infected a cellmate on the Cell Matrix… Cell Matrix passengers will have to fight the robots infected to save their lives.”

Expect giant robots to unleash when PUBG Mobile 1.6 is released later in the week.


The latest news reports state that PUBG Mobile Update 1.6 will be released between Friday, September 10 and Sunday, September 12.

Tencent last week announced that the next patch would be deployed over the following week. This suggests that the deployment will occur sometime in the UK on Saturday morning.

Tencent will announce the exact date and time of installation on Android devices.

We would anticipate that the PUBG mobile update time will be around 11 AM BST.

Tencent uses a regional delivery system to deliver its patches, so some gamers may have to wait more than others.

Tencent also stated that they had been paying attention to the feedback of fans and built the updated version of the game based on the data they received.

Tencent teased also that many fan-favorite game modes will be brought back in the update.

Gamers have already voted, so the final results of the vote will be available during update 1.6’s rollout.

Tencent said this week to fans that PUBG MOBILE update 1.5 is fast approaching. It will bring new content, 2 new Royale passes, and many other things I cannot quite name yet.

With all the chaos and excitement around the world this year, it feels like 2021 flew by. It’s a great time to reflect back on the past. Everyone is invited to reflect on the PUBG MOBILE past and share their favorite modes with us.

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