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Putin’s Havana Syndrome’s source is unmasked by a scan for ‘brain injuries’ sparks fury in the USA

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Putin's Havana Syndrome's source is unmasked by a scan for 'brain injuries' sparks fury in the USA

The symptoms were first experienced in 2016 by CIA agents while on a mission to Cuba. It was described as a buzzing, high-pitched sound. Others describe it as grinding metal. It was described by one person as being in an invisible beam of energy. The experience lasted several minutes. Washington reported cases of this strange illness on every continent except Vietnam, Vienna, and Berlin.

There are suspicions that it could be a deliberate attack by the Kremlin on US officials.

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Marc Polymeropoulos was a former CIA Officer and said on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that “This is an act against U.S. officials.”

“We need to discover who is doing this.”

According to him, he contracted the disease in Moscow in 2017. He stated that it was urgent for an explanation as to how and why this virus spread.

The CIA now has a task force, which is headed by Osama bin Laden, the man who led the search for Al Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden.

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Some experts believe the condition is psychological and is caused by stress. Others think it is intentional.

Bill Evanina is a retired senior US intelligence officer who stated that it was an offensive weapon designed to target individuals. It was, I think.

You might ask, “If the Russian government were increasing and propagating its intelligence operation in Cuba it would probably be a bad idea for the US to have them in Cuba in large to identify certain things that have occurred there?”

In December, a major US study suggested that pulse-high energy microwaves could be the cause of at least some cases.

The study’s chair, Professor David Relman said that “for many of these individuals, real neurological injuries took place.”

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According to the Russian Ministry, they do not possess microwave weapons.

After decades of tension, diplomatic relations were restored between Cuba and the United States in 2015.

However, the Havana Syndrome almost closed down the Embassy within two years. Staff were fired because they were concerned for their safety.

Initial theories pointed towards the Cuban government being responsible. However, others point to Russia.

This is even odder because records reveal that intelligence officers are more likely to have been affected by the virus.

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