Radio signals mysterious from the centre of the Milky Way are detected

There is so much to learn! It has been obvious that most of us are unaware of the events outside our planet (and within it). Millionaires are fighting to get to the Moon, Mars, and other ends of the galaxy. But there is still so much more. A mysterious radio signal from the middle of the Milky Way is a new and unsettling sign.


The wave’s technical name is ASKAP HTML173608.2-321635. It is unknown what scientists believe it to be. It was detected six times, from January to September 2020. The signal then returned until February 7, 2019.

Researchers explain in a new study that the discovery is “highly polarized and variable radio strong”.

The authors wrote that ASKAP: J173608.2-321635 could make up a new category of objects discovered by radio imaging.

What was the secret to finding these signs?

The Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder, (ASKAP), is a radio telescope. It is a set of 36 antennas measuring 12 meters in size. They work together and are one unit, making it the most sensitive radio telescope in the world. This antenna is used to study cosmic magnetism and identify black holes.

Although the source of this signal remains unknown, it has been determined that there are several stars. It does have some similarities with the Galactic Center Radio Transients, (GCRT), another mystery signal that was discovered in 2000. This is also emitted at the centre of the Milky Way.

Researchers need to look at radio waves for longer periods of time in order to determine what they are. This will allow researchers to identify patterns previously unknown. We will then be able understand ASKAP HTML173608.2-321635 and determine if it has any connection to the galactic plane. This should eventually help us to deduce its true nature.”

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