Returning home: The most annoying thing about Britons after an incident Holiday?

While a holiday can be an important break from the routine, it does not necessarily bring about relaxation for Britons. __S.2__

The majority of Britons agree that an annual holiday gives them the chance to unwind, but 93% also believe it is essential to have a holiday every year. However, holidaymakers are often annoyed by having to return home after a vacation.

71 percent of Britons want another holiday right after they return home. 80 percent prefer to scroll through photos on their return.

Surprisingly, 55 percent of Americans eat traditional foods and drink from holidays. 39 percent keep holiday spirit alive with international hits.

The nation regards holidays as very important. 78 per cent of Britons say that holiday are the best thing about the year.

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The greatest benefits to a vacation were the time spent with loved ones, better weather, and exposure to different cultures.

31 percent also said that they had taken time off from their responsibilities and work.

Britons may get frustrated when they return home.

The number one complaint is an empty refrigerator.


Then came the mountain of unpacking and washing after holiday.

Sunjiv Shaikh, general manager at Uber Eats said that: “Us Brits love their food so it’s not surprising that returning home with an empty fridge after a holiday is our greatest post-holiday irritation.”

This easyJet’ survey also examined the foods Britons believed were essential to have on hand after a vacation.

Next was butter and bread.

A cup of tea is also a favorite drink for Britons after a holiday.

Uber Eats partnered with the airline to assist Brits returning from holiday shopping in their kitchens.

Sophie Dekkers is the Chief Commercial Officer of easyJet. She stated: “With so many people returning from their summer vacations, we wanted to ease the load of the post-holiday chores.”

“We’re delighted to have partnered with Uber Eats and curate this special menu from Sainsbury’s to ensure our customers can return home to unpack the suitcase and leave it to us to pack their fridge.”

Customers who fly with easyJet from London Gatwick and Luton in September will receive 50 percent off when they spend at least PS20 on their Uber Eats groceries.

Customers can find a seatback promo code to unlock savings on next grocery orders.

The top 10 post-holiday irritations that Britons hate the most
1. 1.Returning to a fridge empty and without food
2. It is difficult to do a lot of washing after a holiday.
3. 3.Pack your bag
4. Catching up with lots of emails
5. 5.
6. How to adapt to British weather
7. 7.
8. Jet lag
9. Reviving dead houseplants
10. 10.Watering the plants in your garden

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