The Matrix 5 was’setup at the end of The Matrix Resurrections – A new trilogy by Keanu Reeves.

The first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has landed. This gives fans an exclusive look at The Matrix 4. Keanu Reeves returns with Carrie-Ann Moss in this sci-fi adventure. A new report now claims that the ending of the movie is creating a sequel.WARNING! POTENTIAL SPOLILERS BEFORE.

According to Giant Freakin Robot‘s trusted and proven sources, the final scene of The Matrix Resurrections features Neo and Trinity.

Reeves, Moss and their characters talk to Neil Patrick Harris and inform him of a new fight.

This scene was not confirmed by the outlet.

However, an insider at the outlet confirmed that this was intentional setup of The Matrix 5.

On December 22, 2021, The Matrix Resurrections will be in cinemas.

Publited at Thu, 09/09/2021 13:00.44 +0000

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