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Wizard Wheelchairs designs and produces motorized wheelchairs that are customised.

Wizard Wheelchairs can help you with whatever your needs are.

Sprint 6

Sprint 6 is a new, agile powerchair that can be turned in any direction. The Sprint 6’s design allows the user to either lower their legs to be able to comfortably sit at a table or table or raise them to reach shelves or cupboards.

Although other powerchairs include this feature, Sprint 6’s unique chassis design makes it stand out. It has been found to be more independent than other powerchairs, and can also be used in public places such as supermarkets.

Sprint is a name…

Customers can choose between two speeds, 8mph or 4 mph for road use. Some customers are beginning to wonder if they actually need multiple chairs for different purposes. This all-purpose chair is capable of handling many tasks.

NB: This model is faster and comes standard with LED lights. It has been registered by the DVLA to be used on roads.

Sprint 6 uses the Dynamics LINX joystick system, a new feature that is suitable for a model with this level of speed and stability. It will work even when the powerchair has been raised.
Sprint-6 can support a maximum weight of 30 stone (200kg).

Ranger 224
The Ranger 224 is capable of handling mud, snow, and ice, as well as sandy beaches, tree-rooted gravel tracks and sandy beaches. It has been compared to many more expensive powerchairs. There are no limits to how much fun you can have in open space. The automatic tilt-and-slide mechanism ensures that you are always balanced on steep hills.

Even though it is not used for adventuring, Ranger 224 can be converted to a standard, domestic-friendly powerchair by attaching one castor at its back – so that all parts of the house are accessible.

You can change the front axle from the base to the castors during your return.

Ranger 224 was made by the Wizard Workshop to your specifications. It is not a pre-made product that can be modified.

Powerchairs with more innovation

The Mini 6 (and the Maximus) complete the current Wizard Wheelchairs collection.

Mini 6 is a compact, lightweight powerchair that offers exceptional maneuverability. It can also be equipped with any kind of seat, thanks to its tilt-in space option and rising mechanism.

Maximus can carry up to 60 stone (320kg) in weight and has a variety of wheel configurations. It also offers a wide range of seating options and personalization options.

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