TV and new Twisted Metal Rumored are in development Display

Sony is reportedly planning to revive the Twisted Metal video game series seemingly alongside the franchise’s upcoming TV show.

In a recent video on Giant Bomb, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb said he’s heard that a Twisted Metal revival is in the works, but it still may be a ways off. VGC reports that they’ve also heard a new Twisted Metal game is on the way.

Netflix will have every video game adaptation

A Twisted Metal TV show was confirmed back in 2019. It’s one project in a larger push from Sony to turn more of its IP into movies and television shows.

Shawn Layden was the Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios. Although it would seem lofty to claim that we are following their lead, we certainly take inspiration from them. Layden left Sony in the meantime, though it appears that the strategy has not changed.

The Last of Us TV series on HBO is also in production, as well as Uncharted, starring Tom Holland and Ghost of Tsushima, a John Wick movie.

Every Video Game Movie is in Development (Almost).

Since 2012’s Twisted metal reboot, there hasn’t ever been a mainline title in the series. Around the same time, there was word of a Twisted Metal movie that never came to fruition. However, we thought the game was ‘amazing’ in our Twisted Metal review, saying, “Like its predecessor from more than 15 years ago, Twisted Metal celebrates an eccentric kind of action that shoves fun down the collective throat of the gaming masses.”

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