University of Life! Campaign for Degree Only Recruitment: Coppers are in force

The force posted on Facebook: “Looking to find a job that offers something new every day?” You can do anything? You can be a leader in investigations Become a Detective with Thames Valley Police. Our Detective DHEP program could suit you if you have a degree in any subject or you are finishing your studies in that field.

Dissatisfied coppers weren’t too happy about police preference for graduates only and turned to social media to vent their frustrations.

Many people pointed out the importance of a ‘university-of-life’ degree for detective work.

One said, “The degree is in urban dancing or medieval art will greatly help me I am sure.”

How can you become an investigator with no cop experience?

One person reacted by saying, “So people who have never spent one minute in uniform can still get into CID simply because they have an degree?”

“Good luck with the Thames Valley.”

A third shouted, “Total madness.” While you can learn the law, experience cannot be taught.

Direct Entry to Inspector or Superintendent rank is a recipe of disaster.

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A two-year probationary period is required for those who do not have a degree to be able to apply for the National Investigators Examination (NIE).

According to the information on the Metropolitan Police website, after passing the NIE they are eligible for the Trainee Detective Constables (TDC).

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