Waspi women “confidently Expect Recompense” – Hopes grow in the wake of Ombudsman Report

Waspi women "confidently Expect Recompense" - Hopes grow in the wake of Ombudsman Report

Waspi is seeking to redress the losses of an estimated 3.8million women who were born between 1950 and 1960 when the State pension age was raised for them. Many lost up to PS50,000 State Pension and were required to continue working for five to six more years. These people believe they weren’t given enough notice of the changes and are entitled to compensation.

Waspi women gained hope after a symbolic win in July when the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman stated that the Department for Work and Pensions should have provided them with more information about moves to increase their state retirement age.

According to the Ombudsman, they were subjected to “maladministration” as the DWP failed in its duty of communication. They should have been notified about changes by December 2006. However, this was delayed until April 2009.

Hilary Simpson is the chairwoman of Women Against State Pension Injustice 2018 (Waspi). She stated that the Ombudsman’s report had “justified” their campaign and moved them into a “new phase.”

There is no dispute over whether maladministration occurred. It is clear from the report that maladministration took place, with millions of women suffering as a consequence.”

Simpson stated that Parliament cannot continue to deny what has happened following the Ombudsman report.

We are confident that the Ombudsman will conclude that there was injustice and recommend recompense.

Although the Ombudsman cannot refund pensions lost or to pay for damages, it may recommend that the government compensate women.

Simpson stated that this means MPs will make the final call.

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The reopening Parliament was celebrated by Waspi activists who renewed their fight for justice on September 6.

To show support for their efforts, more than 20 local councils decorated town halls with purple statues. Other landmarks included the Birmingham Central Library and Glasgow Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and Blackpool Tower.

A spokesperson for the DWP said that 25 years ago, the government decided that it would make State Pension age equal for women and men. This was a long-overdue step towards equality of genders. Over many years, successive administrations have been pursuing the same policy: to raise State Pension age according to life expectancy.

The spokesperson stated that both the High Court as well the Court of Appeal supported actions of the DWP under different governments since 1995. They found we acted completely lawfully and didn’t discriminate on any basis.

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