Zoe Ball addresses the ‘awkwardness’ by saying, “Still getting it over it.” Jennifer Aniston, The One Show Chat

Zoe Ball was the host of BBC’s The One Show, interviewing Jennifer Aniston. She admitted that she is still processing their conversation on her radio program this morning.

Zoe, co-host Jermaine Jenniferas and Reese Witherspoon spoke about the new season of The Morning Show.

The pair held a series of questions for the viewers about the careers of the celebrities on their nightly chat show.

Zoe opened up to the situation and said she is still getting over it.

On her BBC Radio 2 radio show, she said: “I had the pleasure to sit on the green couch on The One Show last evening.”

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Jennifer continued, “I arrived at 5:15 in the morning. The hallways are quiet. People slowly wake up. And then suddenly the train begins moving faster and more chaotically. It is chaos.”

One viewer called the conversation awkward after posting their comments on Twitter.

The two wrote: Jennifer Aniston admitted that she doesn’t like live television and called them all “vampires”. “I can’t cope.”

One more: Jennifer Anniston’s “tude” in the interview was cringe. (sic).

She keeps looking at the side awkwardly.

Others pointed out another point in the interview, when Jermaine stated: “Reese. I’m going be open with you.

Jenny has pretty much convinced me that Jennifer isn’t a morning person.

Jennifer said, “Did you sell it to me?” Did I get a good deal?”

One viewer said: “Did anybody else notice Jennifer Anniston’s reaction to the male presenter about the morning person bit?” It’s a bit awkward

But not everyone thought it was awkward.

One fan said, “Jennifer Anniston has always been so great in interviews. Very articulate, and so sweet.

“Jennifer Aniston, a legend. I’m hyped that she’s on #theoneshowrn,” (sic) another penned.

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