14 top tweets from the week including floor, frong and floor Poisoning and Wings Dinner

A short week can feel like a longer week. It doesn’t matter if you have five or four days.

Labor Day It’s Labor Day, baby. You can relax now that it is the weekend

You are now free to live, laugh, love, and accept whatever Cursive Words on Suburban Walls Industrial Complex has created these days. Blessed be this mess. __S.8__ __S.9__ __S.10__ __S.11__ __S.12__ __S.13__

It’s weekend! Let’s start it with some great tweets of the last seven days. You deserve a chuckle.

These are the top 14 tweets for the week.

1. It is something we all need to do, but it will be mine last

2. Ram into me, for all that I care

3. This is right

5. They are so back!

7. This course will be audited by me

8. 8.

9. Tweet Obligatory Dril

10. Another

11. We’re already manifesting!

12. Steve, Blues Clues’s, could have foreseen a news cycle.

13. Fair question

14. Finally, the final word is frong

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