After a bust up with Merkel about the gas crisis, Biden has left EU to Putin’s will: “Not bothered!”


After a bust up with Merkel about the gas crisis, Biden has left EU to Putin's will: "Not bothered!"

After a dispute over Nord Stream 2, Mr Putin is tightening his hold on gas supplies, causing a crisis in the EU. Nord Stream 2 will transport gas from Russia through Germany to bypass Ukraine and Poland. This is what many warned could lead to the pipeline being “weaponized”. With his latest move, Putin may be trying to make sure that EU laws are not implemented. Ms Merkel’s deal with the Russian President was slammed by US President Joe Biden – and he is now said to have orchestrated a way round it for Washington. spoke to Professor Michael Bradshaw from Warwick Business School as an energy expert. He said that the Biden administration believes Nord Stream 2 was a terrible idea.

He doesn’t worry about Nord Stream 2 because there are plenty of Asian markets for US LNG, which includes China.

This is his consistent opinion that increasing dependence on Russian supplies for European energy security is not good.

Liquid natural gas (or LNG) is one form of gas which isn’t transported via pipelines.

Recently, Mr Biden said to White House reporters “good friends are able to disagree”. He has also voiced his disgust at Ms Merkel’s decision-making.

He even imposed sanctions against Russia in August 2020.

Experts criticized the decision, believing that it did not stop Nord Stream 2’s progress.

Yorktown Solutions president Daniel Vajdich said that sanctions are not effective in stopping Nord Stream 2.

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