Amazon still sells 'Anti-radiation" phone stickers

Amazon still sells ‘Anti-radiation” phone stickers

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Stickers that claim to protect users against electromagnetic fields (EMF) from phones remain for sale on Amazon.

After scientists informed the BBC that smartDOT stickers did not have any effect, the listings remained in place for eight more months.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), also criticised this week’s claims on the maker’s website.

According to the firm, it will be changing its website and product descriptions as well as advertising and marketing, including Amazon.

On Wednesday, the ASA found that Global EMF Solutions Ltd had made unsubstantiated claims on the Energydots website that EMF were harmful and that its stickers offered “protection”.

The company was told by it that phrases like “SmartDOT protected users against EMFs emitted wirelessly and made users feel more energised and focused.”

The ASA ruled that wireless EMF must not be considered to be harmful to the health.

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As part of BBC’s probe, University of Surrey conducted tests on 4G smartphones and wi-fi access point with and without smartDOT stickers.

Energydots stated that they could not measure the effect of stickers on “harmonising”, but the researchers did not find any evidence.

SmartDOT was on sale at Amazon, and SmartDOT told BBC that it would be investigated.

Eight months after the ASA ruling, Amazon’s Energydot shop still sold smartDOT stickers eight months later.

After the BBC reached out to both companies, the SmartDOT listing was taken from Energydot’s Amazon store. However, the stickers are still available elsewhere on Amazon.

According to the product description, they provide “everyday protection against EMF”. According to the listing, stickers can be adhered on any device in order to lower everyday magnetic radiation.

Energydot informed the BBC it would be changing its website and marketing materials to comply with the ASA ruling.

The company stated that its Amazon listings were “under review”, and would undergo changes by Monday 13th September.

The company responded that its marketing material would comply with the law when asked about smartDOT. It cannot claim protection against EMF anymore.

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