Dewsbury Explosion: A massive building fire causes panic and smoke spreads through the town

Social media videos show the destruction of a building with smoke and flames. Dewsbury residents were worried and took to Twitter to express their concern. One user wrote, “Something just went bang in Dewsbury.”

A huge fire broke out in an industrial estate near Dewsbury (West Yorkshire) and is being tackled by firefighters.

The fire brigade is trying to control the flames, so residents are being asked to stay clear of the affected area.

There are currently 12 fire engines on the scene at Mill Street East in Savile Town.

To help put out the flames, water is being drawn from a nearby canal.

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The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has urged residents to avoid the region.

Twitter: They wrote “We have 12 fire engines, and special units at the ready to attend to a fire at an Industrial Unit in Saville Town.”

All persons have been accounted for.

Please do not travel through this area.

A man stated that he heard loud banging from a distance of a few miles. He initially believed it was the sound of a truck carrying metal. After it became extremely loud, I looked outside and saw smoke billowing across the sky from Mill Hill East’s industrial estates.

One person tweeted: “See the huge plume of black smoke coming from the M1” We hope no one was injured!

A nearby person was watching from the pub and said that the pub had just delivered a few beer cans to the firefighters. This is awesome!

“Disclaimer, they don’t drink them. They put them away.”

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