Expedia Partners with GetYourGuide for Tours and Activities In a Blow to Viator

Skift learned that GetYourGuide is a German-based platform for activities and tours. It has partnered with Expedia Group. The site will be launched this month.

GetYourGuide stated that it would handle all technical and operational distributions with Expedia. This means suppliers won’t have to deal with any additional complexities in their bookings. Increased number of systems, contacts and contracts. The deal was first announced on Facebook Friday morning.

Expedia maintains relationships with suppliers such as Tripadvisor Viator (a key competitor to GetYourGuide), but Expedia is not.

Expedia.com will allow you to book GetYourGuide experience bookings.

Emil Martinsek (Chief Marketing Officer at GetYourGuide) stated that Expedia is excited about creating more memorable experiences for its customers. We are also opening new avenues for local partners that will allow them to expand and manage their business through travel recovery.

This partnership may lead to Expedia’s weakening partnership with Tripadvisor-owned Viator. Viator has been a key partner in activities and tours.

Expedia said that they know how to make the trip more enjoyable for travelers when they include fun, memorable experiences in their travel plans. Expedia Group has been looking at ways to best provide an inventory of activities to travellers who book through their sites. Expedia Group customers can now book activities through third-party sites like Viator and GetYourGuide. This will allow travelers to have the most choice, great prices and a wonderful customer experience, as well as our direct offers.

Booking.com tried a partnership with GetYourGuide in the past. However, it did not lead to any major deals.

Expedia’s partnership with GetYourGuide follows TUI Musement’s 2020 contract to manage a large portion of Booking.com’s attractions and tours distribution.

Expedia-GetYourGuide is not an investment.

Viator could not be reached for comment.

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