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“French are taking over the mickey!” Boris is urged to be tough as the UK’s fishing fury explodes

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A variety of fishing organizations have expressed concern over the overfishing in UK waters. They issued a joint statement with Greenpeace UK, Angling Trust, and New Economic Foundation. __S.2__

Greenpeace UK released a statement saying: “Fishers on the east and south coasts have seen their livelihoods destroyed after years of unchecked, industrial fishing by pulse and supertrawlers as well as fly-shooters.”

This has left some fishers in the area with little to no catch.

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Less than one third of the key UK fish population are healthy.

“Supertrawlers, all of which are EU owned, spend thousands of hours fishing in UK waters annually, including in marine protected areas.

Between 2017 and 2020, the supertrawler fishing time in UK marine protected zones increased by 1000 percent.”

Express.co.uk readers have urged the Government to clamp down on EU supertrawlers operating in UK waters and preserve the British fishing industry.

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One said: “We need government that cares.”

A second statement was added: “Our government MUST STOP large fisherman from our waters. This includes fishing techniques that seriously damage stocks and the sea environment. It must be done not in the future, but by October 1, 2021.

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Boris Johnson has been urged to protect UK fishing waters (Image: GETTY)

“Less than one-third of key UK fish populations are in a healthy state” (Image: GETTY)

This will notify these vessels that they are not allowed to enter designated areas, or to suffer impounded/fined.

Another wrote, “It’s not fair to expect Boris or his assistants to do anything.”

He hasn’t the nerve to stop a rubberboat.

“The French take the microphone for years, because since Thatcher we’ve had no leader with backbone.”

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Britain formally left the EU in January 2020 (Image: GETTY)

The fourth stated: “Boris makes it simple to screw pensioners.

“But when it comes to screwing the French Boris is behind the sofa.”

The Government made an announcement earlier this week that the triple-lock state pension system would be discontinued for the year. This was contrary to a promise in a manifesto.

According to its terms, British pensions rise by inflation or the average wage growth of 2.5 percent.


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UK waters are being used by “EU owned” supertrawlers (Image: GETTY)

Fishermen campaigning for Brexit ahead of the 2016 referendum (Image: GETTY)

The average earnings have risen by eight percent since May 2021, when the pandemic coronavirus returned to work.

According to the Government, this renders maintaining the triple lock financially unfeasible for this year.

To pay for social services, they’ve increased the national insurance rate by 1.25 per cent.

EU ships will have access to UK waters up until 2026 under the terms of Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade agreement.

UK PM clashes over post-Brexit trade agreement

They could then theoretically be expelled, however this would expose them to retaliatory tariffs in Brussels.

Jerry Percy is the director of The New Under 10s Fishermen’s Association and explained why EU vessels were causing damage to the British fishing fleet.

He stated: “The small-scale coastal fleet the Government has sworn protect is now being forced to see their future and present livelihoods destroyed before their eyes.”

“Firstly by the huge fleet of powerful EU owned fly-shooters that inexplicably have had all catch limits removed for their target species, and, secondly, by massive EU midwater trawlers reducing the resilience of stocks in the Channel to the impact of climate change whilst threatening dolphin and porpoise populations.”

Publited Fri, 10 Sep 2021 at 13:54:57 (+0000).

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