It’s actually quite simple to use the TikTok egg-and-toast hack. Well


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I’ve practically become a short-order egg cook during the pandemic.

While working remotely, I usually eat at least two meals a day. Around 11:15 a.m. there is dinner. The meal usually includes a salad and, more often, an egg. Sometimes, it’s two or three crispy-fried eggs. Some days it is leftovers that I reheat and top with a runny egg. Sometimes I will add a scramble to the mix.

This is to say that I love eggs, and am very skilled at their preparation. So this TikTok hack interested me. You airfry bread with egg or other toppings. The device promised quick and easy creation of a delicious egg sandwich.

It was worth a try. A viral version had both bacon and a plain egg on the toast.

This is the original recipe that I used via TikTok account Emillyrosax3. However, many people have made their own version.

The TikTok only showed airfrying bread with an egg and a piece of bacon. It was cooked at 400°F for 7 minutes, according to the comments.

Here’s what the egg hack looked like on TikTok.
Credit: TikTok/@emillyrosax3

My egg toast experiment involved spraying the air fryer’s grate with Pam and then placing two pieces of plain white bread into the basket. To give the egg yolks a cupped, small resting place, I used a tip I learned from other TikToks. The egg shouldn’t slide out of the pan during cooking.

Egg crater.
Credit: Mashable / Tim Marcin

Simply put, I cracked 2 eggs into my bread, and then added a slice bacon to one of the bread slices.

There are two sidenotes. One: My eggs had double yolks. That’s cool. Two: My slice of bacon was layered more carefully than what the TikTok suggested, so I portioned it out to ensure total bread coverage. This is a great method.

You’ve gotta be yolking me with these eggs.
Credit to Mashable/tim marcin
Neat and orderly bacon is key.
Credit: Mashable/tim marcin

To be honest, this was not a recipe I had high expectations for. Timing is an important part of good cooking. Cooking different foods takes time at various temperatures and requires different cooking times. Bacon will cook faster than eggs or toast, generally speaking. My expectations were for undercooked bacon and hard eggs, as well as burnt toast. For the most part, I was mistaken.

After blasting the airfryer at 400° for 7 minutes, I was surprised by my results.

Notice a bit of egg white ran off the side of one piece of toast.
Credit: Mashable / Tim Marcin

It wasn’t burned, but it was very, very toasty. The bacon was mostly crispy. The bacon also left a little bit of delicious fat on the bread and eggs. They were deliciously cooked, but still looked good. This is how it looked when it was plated with hot sauce, then cut to show you a section.

If you don’t eat Valentina hot sauce, you should.
Credit: Mashable/tim marcin
Notice the yolk is overcooked and darker in spots.
Credit: Mashable / Tim Marcin

It was crispy. Although the bacon was cooked to a crisp and crispy texture, it might have been softer if you used a thicker cut. In some places, the egg was overcooked. Non-bacon toast’s yolk had become a darker shade of orange than it should have, and the yellow was more bitter than pleasant. The crispy egg white bits on the top of the toast tasted a lot like egg fried over high heat.

Overall, the recipe is pretty tasty. It’s an acceptable, quick breakfast in a pinch. It’s like an egg-in-a-hole without the runny egg, but with almost no effort. It’s a good option if you have limited time or are pressed for resources.

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