James Bond: Daniel Craig laments his “troubling” 007 movie

It has taken a long time to get the last Daniel Craig James Bond movie. No Time To Die was delayed a number of times over the past two years, but now it is just a few weeks away from being released to the excited 007 fans. Apple TV Plus has released a documentary called Being James Bond about Craig’s life as Bond. Craig admitted that he wasn’t happy about the outcome of his second film.

Craig criticized Quantum of Solace 2008 during the documentary and said it was “kind of work”.

He went into more detail on why the script didn’t work. The script was almost complete, although it wasn’t finished. “The movie sort of worked.”

He said that it was not Casino Royale and that this was going to continue to be a blockbuster.

We could not win at Casino Royale in a certain way… That’s simple to admit. We wanted to be the best Casino Royale. But, you also know …”.

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Craig said, however that Quantum of Solace has some truly special moments.

Casino Royale became a huge success on its release. It earned a staggering $616 million box office and a modest $150 million budget.

It won the BAFTA Award for Best Sound and was nominated for additional nominations by Craig and Martin Campbell.

Quantum of Solace on the other side made $589 Million on a budget of $230M, and received mediocre reviews.

Michael G Wilson, another Bond boss, stated that Quantum of Solace didn’t make Bond’s trip right.

He continued: “It wasn’t completely focused on his story. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in plot and lose sight of the story. This is an issue with these types films.”

Craig made one mistake during his five films as Bond, but the pressure is on the next Bond actor.

Although the replacement for British Star has yet to be announced, all eyes now turn on a few select actors.

Rege-Jean Page, Bridgerton’s actor is currently at the top with an incredible 5/6 Ladbrokes.

However, he is not guaranteed to get the job and Tom Hardy, who holds 4/1 for becoming Bond, is closely following him.

Loki Star Tom Hiddleston is a newcomer to the race. He was awarded an 8/1 chance on the tuxedo.

James Bond No Time To Die hits cinemas September 30.

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