Manchester police arrest Afghan Special Forces Commando

Sky News reports that the suspect was quarantining in the city with his family after arriving from Afghanistan. __S.2__ It is not clear at this point why the arrest was made.

Both the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office declined to comment.

The spokesperson for the UK Government said that they don’t discuss individual cases.

According to a source, the Afghan commando was brought in by a British rescue plane from Kabul.

The commando and family members were placed in a Manchester hotel for a period of self-isolation.

Afghanistan currently appears on the Government’s red-list of travel by coronavirus.

More than 15,000 Afghans were evacuated by the Ministry of Defence following the Taliban takeover.

About 8,000 people were rescued by British forces from Afghanistan.

On August 14, the Taliban took control of Kabul and US President Joe Biden gave a deadline for the completion of flights out.

In just two weeks, more than 123,000 individuals were evacuated by the US and its allies, with around 5,500 Americans among them.

Many people rescued by British forces were soldiers in Afghanistan’s 20-year war.

Military chiefs and MPs raised the possibility of creating an Afghan regiment within the Armed Forces. This would be similar to the Gurkhas.

Tom Tugendhat (Chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee) has supported the plans in the past.

In August, the Tory MP and Afghan veteran spoke out to The Telegraph. He said that he had trained alongside many Afghan soldiers who now live in the UK.

They’ve proven their loyalty many times. We should accept them if they are willing to serve.

I would like to see an entire regiment of Afghan Scouts.

Britain plans to resettle thousands refugees under the Afghan Relocations & Assistance Policy.

In 2021 the Government stated that 5,000 Afghans would be relocated to the UK, with the number expected to rise to 20,000 in the following years.

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