McDonald’s Customer is disgusted by ‘nipple’ found in a bacon roll

Simon Robinson (27 years old) got more than he expected when he went to McDonald’s earlier in the week for breakfast. He opened his sandwich to see how many bacon rashers were inside. But he was shocked to discover that it contained a pig’s nipple.

He drove home from Prudhoe in Gateshead to tell his mother what he found. She said she was disgusted too.

He took a lot of photos and complained about the chain to its head office.

He stated, “To find it was disgusting to open it.” This has made me completely rethink my stance on meat. So much so I am considering going vegan now.

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A McDonald’s spokesperson responded to these claims by saying: “We use bacon back in all of our bacon rolls. Because this is where the bacon is cut from, it is difficult to believe that the customer has made a mistake.”

We understand that the customer needs assistance.

Publited Fri, 10 Sep 2021 at 15:54:21 +0000

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