One third of adult couples have gotten on top of their partner – before. A text message may be misinterpreted

One in five people have mistakenly believed that someone is in a particular mood.

35 percent of adults are more likely than others to read and analyze emails sent by their work colleagues (35%), then a spouse (20%) or a lover (13%).

23 percent of respondents waited until they could say it in person, even though it would have meant waiting for weeks before the conversation.

More than three quarters of respondents (79%) believe that face-to-face communication is better than using a device.

Another communication barrier is the presence of many people speaking at once (39%), background noise (39%), and people talking too loudly (37%) or too quickly (32%) – experts warn that these may also indicate hearing loss.

Doctor Hilary Jones is the spokesperson for Hidden Hearing. She said that spending time with loved ones and friends has a positive effect on mental health.

“In-person communication allows us to understand tone and pay attention to body languages. This helps to reduce feelings of anxiety, frustration and depression that are often caused by miscommunication.

People want to communicate more effectively, but don’t realize that hearing loss is one of the greatest barriers to communication.

Communication can be difficult when you have difficulty hearing. This is why it is important to get regular hearing checks and take proactive steps.

According to the study, Brits prefer hearing “I love” and “Will ya marry me” in person. Both were selected by 44% of the respondents.

A third of 10 people would rather see a face to face breakup than listen on a screen.

Adults find it beneficial to have conversations in person with their loved ones. They can look at each other in the eye (51%) and pay attention to their body language (47%).

Another issue adults face is misunderstandings in text messages. 41 percent of them make a mistaken joke.

According to OnePoll, 42 percent of respondents found that their sarcasm went unnoticed.

31 percent feel frustrated and anxious by digital miscommunications, while 27 percent are stressed.

However, anxiety was more evident in younger generations. 41 percent stressed over email or text messages, as opposed to just one in ten for those over 55.

The problem with communication is not limited to technology.

It is more difficult for men to hear than it is for women. The average man struggles with hearing about once per day.

A quarter of all (17%) have had a communication problem with someone they care about due to hearing loss. 35 percent feel that untreated hearing loss can be frustrating and disruptive for those involved.

However, despite one third of people believing that hearing is essential for communication to flow, over half the hearing impaired population have never had their ears examined.

Dr Hilary Jones said, “If you or your family members are having trouble keeping up with the conversations while socializing, this could be an indication of hearing loss.”

A hearing test can be helpful in helping you to listen more clearly, connect with others and understand the meaning of conversations.

“Hidden Hearing’s five-minute online hearing test can provide an immediate insight into how well you, or a family member, can hear.”

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